Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stamp Collecting and Phonics

Stamp collecting is almost a tradition in our family.  My dad collected stamps for years, and he started my kids on it.  My 3 older girls all collected stamps during their growing up years.  Somehow, children #4 and #5 got skipped, but now child #6 is picking it back up.  He's been sorting and soaking stamps for the past 4 days now while waiting for hinges to arrive so he can mount them in an album.  Thanks, Mom, for collecting all those stamps from your workplace, and thanks, Dad, for passing this hobby down to my children.  Jacob is loving this!  He didn't like being interrupted for me to take his picture, though.  :/


Emily, here below, is concentrating on her schoolwork. She's my last child to teach to read, and she's doing very well with it.  It's bittersweet in a way.  It seems like I have home schooled forever and forever and that the days of homeschooling will never end.  Now here is Em, reading, and I will never have to teach phonics to another child of mine.  Yea, hooray!  And yet, it makes me feel a bit sad.  Okay, just a bit.....I still have many years of homeschooling ahead of us.  After all, Emily is only six.