Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Victory Hill Critters

Okay, so maybe they're not exclusive to Victory Hill, Oklahoma, but we definitely have enjoyed the abundance of friendly critters on our property this spring and summer.

The big eyed froggie up there used to come up on our back porch every evening to catch all the insects that were attracted to the porch light. Our lovely little tarantula was found on the road just a bit from our house; we actually have two of them, and we think they're awesome. Mr. Green Caterpillar was just parading around our garden one day, so he had the privilege of his own personal photo shoot. And lastly, the grumpy turtle is just one of many that we see daily around here.

I should note that the welcoming attitude toward the critters expressed in this post is not embraced by all of those here at Victory Hill. The lady of the house (I love you, Mom!) has been known to go into near hysterics on more than one occasion from exposure to these critters, either live or in picture. A note of warning: Do not put a close up picture of a hairy tarantula on the family computer desktop background unless you want to be fined $10 and severely reprimanded.

Oddly enough though, it was Mom herself that commissioned me to write this post. Maybe she secretly likes them... :-)

-Katie Marie